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Choosing A Commercial Roof Style

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Being a business owner comes along with a significant amount of responsibility. Not only do you have to make decisions when it comes to who you hire and what types of products you use, but you are also responsible for choosing a roofing style for your establishment. Whether you are in the market for a new roof or looking to install a roof on a new commercial structure, here are some tips that can assist you with choosing a roof style. Building Design The first thing you want to consider is the design of the building.  While many...

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Upgrading Your Insulation To Spray Foam

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Spray foam offers a number of improvements that can’t be found with other insulation materials, not the least of which being a reduction in gaps, drafts and vapor penetration. However, replacing your existing insulation can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with the characteristics of spray foam. Knowing where to start, and what precautions to take, will ensure that updating your insulation goes smoothly and results in a safe, complete application. Starting Slow To get a feel for how the application process will go, it’s...

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Tackling Some Of The Most Frequent Questions Concerning Attic Insulation Removal

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Older homes are infamous for not having adequate insulation overhead, and if they do, it is the loose fiber-fill insulation that settles and disintegrates over time. If the attic insulation that you have in your home is not sufficient, there is no doubt that your pocketbook will suffer the consequences in both the winter and summer. If you are the owner of an older home with this outdated form of insulation, there is no doubt that you should have it removed and replaced with new materials. However, this whole process is bound...

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Keeping Summer Fun Without Breaking The Bank

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Some parents dread when school is out for the summer because children are home all day. Getting bored quickly or spending all day on electronics can easily happen. However, with a little pre-planning, you can kick the summer scare with some inexpensive activities for your kids. Pool Party Whether you have a pool in ground, above ground, or just an inflatable wading pool, you can create a pool party with some snacks, games, and friends. If your pool is large enough, consider any number of water games, such as water basketball or relay...

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Missing Shingles: Why It Happens And What To Do

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Stormy weather can cause problems for homeowners.  Every year severe weather tears across the country and causes damage to homes.  It doesn’t take a tornado or hurricane to cause serious problems.  Strong winds alone can rip shingles from roofs, which in turn can lead to more severe issues. What causes random shingles to blow off? Strong winds won’t usually blow the entire roof off but might blow individual shingles off the roof.  Most shingles are meant to withstand very heavy winds, and when random shingles...

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The Variety Of Industrial Pallet Racking System You Can Choose From

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Are you interested in a pallet racking system, but are not sure which one to choose? Then make sure to invest some time in learning more about the different type of pallet racking systems out there. By doing so you’ll be able figure out which industrial pallet racking system meets your requirements. Below are some of the common types of pallet racking systems available: Floor Stacking This type of industrial pallet racking system is the most basic one available: the pallets are organized in rows on the floor. The length of the rows can...

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Ready For Summer? 3 Ways To Safekeep Your HVAC From Outdoor Maintenance Mishaps

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As the summer season approaches, chances are you will soon be finding yourself outside endlessly mowing the lawn. When you are out maintaining your lawn, it may be a great time to check on your outdoor air conditioning unit. The warmer months are the perfect time to make sure your HVAC condenser is in optimal shape for the hot days ahead. Here are some tips you should consider: Place Flat Stones Around The Bottom Of The Unit Placing some large, flat stones, such as pavers or cinder blocks, near the bottom of your air conditioner unit does...

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Two Reasons Why All Construction Companies Need an On-site Fire Protection Engineer

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Running a construction site requires you to deal with a lot of people, such as your employees, building inspectors, and the building’s owner, as well as make tough decisions fast. You need to make sure the job site is safe, your employees have the proper safety training, and the job gets completed on time. The fact is, your position comes with a lot of responsibilities. But, that doesn’t mean that your job has to be stressful. Learn how hiring a fire protection engineer can benefit you. Lower Liability Risks Did you know that...

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3 Top Spring Remodeling Projects You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

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Spring is finally here. The weather has taken a turn for the better, and all the small things you let slide because it was too cold to take action are glaring at you, waiting to be completed. It is also the season for tax refunds. Why not take that refund money and invest in updating your home? It’s proven that remodeling the right areas of your home can increase your home’s resale value. According to U.S. News & World Report a home office renovation could generate a 43% return while a kitchen renovation could generate a 66%...

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Choosing The Right Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Fire sprinklers have revolutionized the building industry. They are inconspicuous and are always there when you need them—at which point they save lives and property with an incredibly high success rate. Different property and materials have different requirements, so there’s a variety of systems in use that are specially tailored to cater to each application. Wet and dry systems currently dominate the market, but some specific approaches deal with more particular and less-common situations. While even more obscure variations exist,...

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