Two Pool Maintenance Tips You Need To Follow

Posted on: 22 December 2014


A pool is an addition to your property that can dramatically improve both the comfort of your family and the value of your home. However, it takes a lot of maintenance to keep a pool in good condition. If you don't keep your pool in good condition, you can be forced to pay expensive repair bills. While you may not have any experience with owning a pool, there are a couple of tips that can help you avoid some routine problems. 

Monitor The Calcium Levels Of The Water

Most people are aware of the fact that it is necessary to monitor the chlorine levels and acidity of the pool's water, but they may not realize that it is also necessary to monitor the calcium levels of the water. When the water is calcium deficient, it will be more likely to start absorbing this mineral from the concrete. As this occurs, the concrete will weaken until it starts to develop cracks and holes in your custom pool surfacing

To avoid this type of pool damage, you should check the water's calcium levels at least once a week. If the test kit shows the calcium levels are low, you should add calcium tablets to your pump, and this should restore the water's balance relatively quickly. 

Backwash Regularly

The pool's pump is one of the most expensive and complex components of this system. The pump will circulate the water from the pool through a special filter, and this will remove debris from the water and mix chemicals with the water to keep it clear. Yet, the debris from the water can eventually cause this filter to become clogged, and this can lead to the pump suffering major damage if it is operated with a clogged filter.

Luckily, this is a simple problem to avoid. Backwashing entails flushing the pump with water from the pool. In order to do this, you will need to reverse the flow of the pump, and the exact steps for this can be found in your owner's manual. Let the water run for several minutes before reverting the pump back to normal operations. 

Keeping your home's pool looking great and running smoothly requires performing some routine tasks to keep the system balanced and operating at peak efficiency. By monitoring the calcium levels and backwashing the pump on a regular basis, you can help ensure your pool avoids these common problems that can result in expensive repairs.