How Regularly Should You Recoat Your Foam Roof?

Posted on: 27 January 2015


Many homeowners use foam covering to protect their roof from ultraviolet sunrays. A recoat is a layer of protective coating that preserves the lifespan of your foam roof. It helps your roof to maintain a fresh appearance. If you don't maintain the recoats, then it could lead to you needing a foam roof repair. Here is what you can do to make sure that your roof lasts a long time.

When to Apply Recoats?

Applying your first recoat within five years keeps your roof in good condition. The foam roof is up under the recoat layer, which acts as a barrier. The recoat layer protects against rain, wind, sun and other elements.

The first recoat makes sure that the roof stays in place. If it is not done within the first few years, then your roof could wear out. You should apply the second coat at the 25 year mark. The point of recoating is to prevent the protective covering from wearing thin. You can get 45 years out of your foam roof with only two coats. This approach is also the most affordable way of maintaining your roof.

Regular Maintenance

Homeowners can do certain things to maintain their roof. It starts with keeping the top of your roof clean. You should hire a roofer to go up there once a year to clean off any debris. If debris is left up there, then it can compost and cause your roof to deteriorate. According to Roof Help, debris tend to hold water and water speeds up roof deterioration.

A roofer should inspect your roof every five years. He or she can tell you if any holes are present or need repairing. A roofer can also tell you when it is time for a recoat. These inspections can catch a small repair before it becomes a major repair.


There are many advantages to using a recoat instead of doing a complete replacement. It prevents you from having to do a tear out and re-roofing. After the coating is applied, it only takes spraying a foam recoat every few years to reseal your roof again.

It helps to find roofing that is affordable, conserves energy and durable. Foam roofing is easy to maintain with proper inspections. Regular inspections allow you to go longer time in between recoatings. If you want to maintain the appearance of your roof, then you should recoat it within five years. Contact Urethane Foam Consulting & Services to learn more.