3 Easy Steps To Installing Precast Concrete Edging

Posted on: 30 January 2015


Nothing is permanent. No matter how well you install a fence, it will eventually degrade. Despite your best efforts, the cute cobblestones that you install leading up to your door will weather away and become hazards. This can be frustrating for a homeowner, who has to spend a great deal of money over the course of a home's lifespan investing in ways to make it look better, only to have these efforts eventually fade into dust. One way to reduce some of those expenses is to use precast concrete edging to line where you would like your garden to end. Although these edging pieces are not permanent, they will be extremely durable and will not need to be replaced for years. They are also incredibly easy to install.

1. Plan the Outlines of Your Garden

The first step is to plan exactly where you want the boundaries of your garden to be located. This can be done with chalk lines, using special chalk you can apply to grass. This chalk can be purchased at any hardware store. Take the time to carefully mark out where you want your garden to be.

2. Dig Along the Lines You Marked

As soon as you have the clear boundaries, measure the size of the edging you want installed. You should then dig a trench deep enough to put the edging piece in and still have about two inches sticking above the surface. Use a ruler to make sure that the trench is deep enough and fairly uniform. Once this is done, start inserting the edging pieces. First, start at the corner of where your garden is going to be. Add a corner block and make sure it is steady. From that position, continue to insert the edging pieces until the entire boundary of the garden has been filled in.

3. Make Sure the Edging Pieces are Uniform

Before you pack in the pieces, make sure that they are relatively uniform. Use a framing square and level. If they seem uneven, remove them and then take out or add dirt as is necessary. As soon as all of the edging pieces are at the correct height, add soil and pack it around the edging pieces. Tamp it down so that the pieces are steady. 

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