Prevent Damage To Your Sewage System

Posted on: 25 February 2015


After having a new sewage system installed, take some precautions so that damage is not caused to it. Your system will last for years without having to make any unnecessary repairs.

Be Mindful Of What You Plant And Where You Place It

Some large plants and trees tend to have large root systems that can grow deep into the ground and cause damage to one of the sewer lines. Ask the company that installed your system for its exact location and draw a map of where it is in your yard. When you decide to plant items in the future, try to stay several feet away from this spot.

Many shade trees and ferns have shallow root systems and may be something that you would like to consider planting if you have a small yard and are still worried about the possibility of damage to the lines. Ferns also do well at covering up bare spots on the ground since they tend to spread quickly. 

Keep Excess Water Away

Too much water in the drain field can cause your septic tank to fill quickly, resulting in pipes backing up inside of your home. Make sure that any runoff from your gutter system is pointed away from the location of your septic tank. Avoid washing your car, installing a sprinkler system, or emptying a pool (even a small one) near the drain field. Instead, opt to complete these activities on the other side of your property.

Avoid Placing Heavy Items Nearby

Excessive weight can compact the soil over your sewage system, causing unnecessary strain on the septic tank and lines running to it. Avoid walking over the sewage system and do not place any patio blocks, lawn equipment, or furniture nearby. If you are doing any landscaping, avoid placing excessive amounts of mulch in the area, as well. Thick materials like this can cause the system to work improperly. Good air flow is necessary for the sewage to flow freely into the tank.

By following all of these steps, you will be able to preserve the condition of your sewage system. Of course, it is also important to take heed when flushing items down the drains in your home. Avoid placing any substances in your sinks, tubs, or toilets that could cause your plumbing to back up. As a result, you will avoid expensive repairs and will be able to use your plumbing each day without any problems occurring. Experts like Drain-O-Rooter can help you further.