What Kinds Of Metals Are Metal Roofs Made Of?

Posted on: 5 March 2015


There are a lot of choices when it comes to having a metal roof. Metal roofs are popular because they are relatively inexpensive, last for a long time, are environmentally friendly, and look pretty good. Metal roofs can be different colors. They can also be made so that they look like traditional shingles or stone as well. But when it comes to metal roofs, what kind of metals are used to make metal roofs?


Copper is generally used as a decorative touch when it comes to roofs. It may make up part of the roof. For example, many buildings will use copper as the roofing for things like cupolas. Part of the reason for that is that copper is very attractive when it is first installed. It also weathers very nicely, ending up with a green patina called verdigris. Another reason that copper is generally only used decoratively, or as just a part of a roof, is that it is very expensive. Trying to roof an entire building with copper can be cost prohibitive for most people or businesses. However, copper used properly can really add a nice touch.


Most metal roofs are made out of steel. That's because steel is pretty tough and can stand up to years of use. It's also light enough that it can be used to span large buildings without adding too much weight. The steel roofs are generally coated with something like zinc. The zinc keeps the steel from getting corroded. Once it's been coated, the steel can be painted with another coating, made out of acrylic this time. It's this coating that will let steel roofs be different colors. 


Aluminum roofs are probably the second most common metal roofs. Aluminum is very light, which may cause some business that have a large space to cover to use it. However, it does have some problems. One of the biggest problem is that aluminum is very soft. That means that it can get dents and dings from normal wear and tear. Severe weather, like hail, could cause some expensive roof repairs. Aluminum can also be painted so that it is different colors. The paint would be similar to the coatings put on steel roofs and would also add in some protections from corrosion. 

There are all kinds of metal roofing materials. Some of them are good for full roofs, and some are just good for decorative touches. Contact a roofing company like Danny Odom & Son Roofing for more information on which roofing material will suit your needs.