3 Benefits of Concrete Curbing

Posted on: 17 September 2015


Concrete curbing refers to a continuous border that is designed to retain, accent and visually improve your landscape design. Curbing can serve as both a functional and decorative element, transforming the curb appeal, shape and design of your yard while also creating borders between the different areas in your landscape. If you are currently debating on whether or not to install it on your home property, here is a look at the main benefits of concrete curbing.

Beauty and durability

Concrete curbing is usually very durable, as it will typically not deteriorate, rot, or separate even under adverse weather conditions. This allows the curbing to serve you for decades without any major repair concerns. The curbing also lines your walkways, enhancing their integrity under traffic. The thick concrete layer on either side of your concrete driveway also reduces deflections induced by traffic loads, thus increasing its lifespan. Concrete curbs also have the strength to withstand the impacts of snowplows and floods, thus protecting paving from severe weather damage.

Concrete curbing can also produce an amazing accent to your compound, transforming it into a beautiful and classy masterpiece. Curbing contractors often offer different decorative stamping designs, allowing you to choose from a wide array of curb colors to suit your preferences. The neat, straight lines of concrete curbs also add to the visual appeal of your parking lots and driveways and enhance the demarcations between your lawn, patio, and walkways.

Borders for gardens and individual plantings

Curing can provide an excellent barrier between your lawn and plantings. Concrete can easily be poured on designated areas to give a crisp, finished look to your garden or freshly cut lawn while also protecting delicate plantings from foot and vehicle traffic.

Other than acting as decorative boundaries, concrete curbing can also serve the important function of retaining any mulch you use in your garden while also preventing weeds from creeping into your garden, thus eliminating the need for labor intensive yard work.

Improved driveway usability and visibility

Concrete curbs eradicate the need for drainage swales and their flat side slopes. The curbing also reduces the lengths of driveways built from streets to your home, while also concentrating debris such as leaves and branches for easy pickup. Finally, concrete curbs can be painted with light reflective surfaces that outline pavement edges, effectively improving nighttime visibility for drivers.

Whether you are looking to improve visual appeal or functionality on your landscape, concrete curbing could be the way to go. For more information, talk to a professional like Northern Asphalt LLC.