Fix An Ugly Kitchen On A Tight Budget With These Modern Affordable Materials

Posted on: 30 October 2015


If you have purchased a house that has a terrible kitchen and you want to gut it but you don't have a lot of money, there are some great modern materials you can buy that won't bust your budget. Here are a few different options to get quotes for when you're starting to figure out how much changing the kitchen is going to cost you.

Quartz Counter Tops

The quartz is engineered with a resin and creates a material that looks almost identical granite and some marble pieces, but costs less than both alternatives. You can have the expert's measure and design the new countertops, and then have the quartz installed. This is fire and stain resistant so you don't have to worry about discoloration or burn marks, and it it's going to last for decades in the home.

Stock Cabinetry

There are many stains and even white cabinets that are available in the stock cabinetry area at the home improvement store. These cabinets are cheaper than the more expensive woods and countertops with unique moldings and designs, and you can add trim to make them look like a high end selection. Stock cabinetry can be installed at home without professionals for those that have experience.

Tile Back Splash

A back splash with small mosaic tiles or subway tiles is going to add a touch of style to the space and the tiles are easy to clean. A back splash is a great way to bring a color or pattern into the kitchen while you're renovating, and it gives the room a modern feel.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

If all the flooring in the house has to be replaced, ceramic tile is affordable, durable and stylish. You can also add in borders or designs with different tiles to create a customized look. The tiles are cheaper than hardwood flooring, they don't absorb moisture or bacteria and they are easy to keep washed.

Some of these materials you can install on your own if you have the tools, and that will help you save even more on the costs for the project. Taking the old materials out on your own, scraping them or trying to sell them is also a great way to get extra money for the projects that you have ahead of you. You can take your old ugly kitchen and turn it into something that you love to cook and entertain in with a tight budget.