4 Questions To Answer Before Choosing The Right Carport

Posted on: 7 December 2015


A lot of homeowners purchase carports to provide coverage for a larger truck or recreational vehicle that will not fit in their garage. There are also some homeowners that prefer carports to garages. Regardless of why you are buying a carport, there are a lot of things to consider to make sure you get the best one including building codes and what type of vehicle you are housing.

What Kind of Vehicle Are You Going to House?

Knowing what type of vehicle you plan on housing is important or deciding the size of the carport. You want to make sure you purchase a carport (or have one custom made) that is big enough to house the vehicle you intend to purchase it for. For example, there is a pretty big difference between how big a carport needs to be to cover a recreational vehicle versus the small automobile you drive to and from work every day.

What is the Weather Like?

Your perfect carport will vary depending on the weather where you live. Unfortunately, a lot of first time carport buyers will only take into account rain and sun when choosing a carport. If you live somewhere with a lot of snow or rain that blows sideways, you will want to make sure you purchase a more enclosed carport. If you live somewhere with a lot of high winds, you will want to explore an anchored structure that is installed on concrete slabs.

Have You Looked at Local Building Codes?

It is vital to investigate local building codes before you purchase a carport. Your local building codes may have certain requirements for how a carport can be installed. If you live in a private community, there is always a possibility you are restricted from having a carport. When shopping, it is important to make sure the carport meets all local codes as well as the style and landscaping of your home. The last thing you want to do is purchase a carport only to be told you are not allowed to install it.

What Kind of Coating Does the Carport Have?

The last thing you want is to install a baldy manufactured carport that rusts the first time it rains. Make sure you select a carport that has corrosion-resistant coating. Don't be shy about asking the manufacturer what warranties are offered regarding chipping, rusting, or peeling as well.

As you can see, you have a lot of things to consider when shopping for a carport for your home. Answering these four questions will make the selection process a little easier on you.

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