Creating Multi-Functional Rooms In Your Home

Posted on: 12 January 2016


If you need extra space in your home and are thinking about adding additional rooms, consider adding a formal dining room or a family room. If you already have a formal dining room or a family room, have these rooms redesigned to make them more functional before adding an additional room.

If you're like many families, you don't use your dining room as much as the kitchen for eating and getting together with family and friends. So, think about ways to use this room better to get some of the extra space you want. In contrast, your family room probably gets a lot of use, but if it was organized better, it could be even more useful.

Explore the Many Options for Family Rooms and Dining Rooms

There are several ways to design or arrange a room that will be used for different activities. You can group the furniture and items used for different activities. For instance, if your family room is to be used as a play area for the kids and as a general entertainment area for the whole family, you can have everything associated with each activity grouped together per activity, and then separate the two areas by using some of the furniture as dividers.   

You can also have your architect or contractor use architectural details to delineate the different areas. Half-walls and columns may be good choices for this purpose because each separates, but doesn't compromise the open feeling of a room.   

Another thing you should be mindful of is that family rooms tend to be noisy, so if the best place to add an addition happens to be next to your home office, children's bedroom, or any other area family members use for peace and quiet, you may need to relocate some of the rooms. Otherwise, you may need to choose another, less desired location for your new addition.   

Formal living rooms are often used for relaxing, entertaining guests, listening to music, for chatting with family members and more. For even more versatility, have a wet bar and a game table for adults installed. To expand your entertainment options, design a built-in sound system. 

Make the Most of Primary User's Input 

To create the most functional formal living room or family room for your family, find out what each primary user wants to have included. Determine whether the room will be used by both adults and children, or if it's to be an adult-only room to be used for relaxing and entertaining. 

Will it be used mostly as a room to sit and relax on a sofa and matching chairs? Or, will you also need to add tables and additional chairs when entertaining? Do you plan to pay or display musical instruments, such as a piano, violin, or guitar? Although formal living rooms tend to be quieter than family rooms, you may want to use it as a venue for soothing music. 

If you want to create a more private dining room area, separate it by using solid or French doors. With these additional privacy features, this room can also be used as a home office or study area. For a more open layout, do not use doors and consider removing walls that may separate it from surrounding areas. If you entertain at home, this open layout will give you more space to entertain your guests. To redesign your home, contact an architect, such as Ken Tate Architect.