4 Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind When Installing An Electric Gate

Posted on: 2 February 2016


An electric gate makes it easier to secure your property and is more convenient to use than a manual gate. If you plan on upgrading from a manual to an electric gate, make sure you keep these four safety precautions in mind as you go through the installation process.

Follow All The Manufacturer's Instructions

The first step to making sure that your electric gate is safe is to make sure that it is installed correctly. When you are installing your gate, make sure that all the manufacturer's instructions are followed to ensure that your gate will work properly. 

Many electric gates include very specific instructions, like what type of grade and slant that they will work best on. If you don't feel like you can follow all of the manufacturer's instructions on your own, hire a professional company like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc to install your gate. 

Keep The Controls Away From The Gate

The controls for your gate should be positioned far enough away from your gate that they can't be reached by simply sticking one's hand through the gate. 

If the controls can easily be reached through the gate, you run the risk of someone trying to open the gate by sticking their hand through it and getting caught in the gate. By placing the controls far away from the gate, you reduce the risk of this happening.

You should also make sure that the controls are placed high enough so that a young child cannot reach them and accidentally engage the controls. 

Install Motion Sensors

When you are selecting and installing your electric gate, make sure that the one you choose includes motion sensors. Ideally, it should include multiple motion sensors at different levels, so that way it can detect obstructions that are both down low and up high. 

Motion sensors allow your gate to stop moving or reverse its motions if a person or object is detected in the path of the gate. This simple device can prevent injuries and accidents from occurring.

Put Up Warning Signs

Finally, after your gate is installed, you should put up a warning sign near your gate so that way anyone who approaches it knows that it is an electric gate and takes the proper precautions around it. 

If you follow the four safety precautions listed above while installing your electric gate, you should be able to avoid any accidental injury due to the nature of your gate.