Tips For Protecting Your Carpet From Kid Stains

Posted on: 22 February 2016


Carpeting is a mixed blessing with children. It does wonders for keeping the floor warmed for lounging little ones. It also cushions every fall so it is little more than a harmless bump. On the other hand, it can also attract stains from active children. The following tips can help you keep your carpet clean and in good condition.

Tip #1: Go Pro

Regular cleaning is one of the keys to avoiding permanent, deeply set stains. How often you get your carpet cleaned depends on how quickly your carpet gets soiled. Once annually may be sufficient for darker carpets, while a light carpet or one with heavy use may benefit from a spring and fall cleaning. Opt for the professional treatment at least once a year. Their equipment can really penetrate into the carpet and pad, plus they have the industrial extractors to really pull out moisture and stains. Splurge on a stain treatment while you are at it. This coating will make it easier to get stains out because the stains won't adhere fully to the carpet fibers.

Tip #2: Use Rugs

High traffic areas most definitely need rugs. Opt for washable rugs near doors, since these are likely to get most of the dirt from your kids entering the home. If your dining room is carpeted, choose a color-fast and washable rug for beneath the table. You don't want a rug that will bleed color onto the carpet when junior spills his milk. A rug with a waterproof backing is also a good option. While you are at, cover the carpet in the kids room with such a rug, perhaps printed with a play design such as roads. This will keep their carpet looking like new.

Tip #3: Opt for Temporary Solutions

Your kids won't always eat at the table or draw at their desk. This is why you need to have a traveling solution that can be used to protect the carpet anywhere in the home. This can be as simple as small personal rugs or a even a blanket that you throw out on the floor. If you occasionally allow the kids to eat in the living room, for example, get them in the habit of thinking of it as a picnic. This means they need to put down their "picnic blanket" before they can eat and watch television. When they are done, retrieve the blanket yourself to make sure no crumbs are spilled onto the carpet.

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