3 Vinyl Siding Solutions That Give Your More Than Low-Maintenance Exteriors

Posted on: 13 May 2016


Giving your home a low-maintenance exterior is something that vinyl siding does, but conventional products may have some disadvantages. Today, you are lucky that there are many different vinyl siding products that you can choose from for improvements to your home, such as foam backed materials or designs with shake or log-style siding. If you want to get more than low-maintenance with your vinyl siding installation, here are some other options that you may want to consider for your project:

1. Give Your Home A Durable Finish With Rigid Vinyl Siding

One of the problems with older vinyl siding products was that they were flimsy and could easily be damaged, or even a hole cut right in them to get in your home. To solve this problem, many modern manufactures have started creating rigid products. These vinyl siding products can have backing and reinforced designs that help make them more durable and resistant to some of the damage that is common with conventional vinyl products.

2. Adding Foam Backing To Improve Energy Efficiency

Another option for more durable vinyl siding is a material with foam backing. In addition to making the material more durable, it can also be a good way to add insulation to your home. The foam materials will help insulate the exterior of walls, which can be great improvement for older homes that may have problems with air leaks and energy loss. In addition to the foam backed materials, you may also want to consider a house wrap material to seal your home and stop air leaks.

3. Give Your Home More Style With Different Vinyl Siding Designs

The vinyl siding you have installed on your home can also be used to give a new look to your home. This can be done with materials like log siding products, which can be a good choice if you want to have a home with a more rustic look. In addition, there are also more traditional siding styles that can be achieved with vinyl products, such as wood shakes, which can be used in different areas like roof gable or as the siding on your entire home.

These are some of additional options that you may want to consider for more than low-maintenance. If you are ready to give your home an exterior finish with a little more than just low maintenance, contact a vinyl siding contractor and talk with them about some of these options.