Prepare Your Fence For Hurricane Season With The Right Care

Posted on: 1 June 2016


Getting fencing installed around the perimeter of your property can make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home and add some privacy that you may want, but it's important that you don't make the mistake of choosing a less durable fence over the concern of saving money. While being frugal is a good quality most of the time, a strong fence isn't something that you should skimp on if you live in an area that occasionally experiences hurricanes.

If hurricane season is quickly arriving, it's best to look into some of the following tips to help ensure that your fence will stay in good condition even with heavy rain and strong wind.

Make Sure Fence Posts Are Strong

One of the first places to start when you're concerned over the condition of the fencing and how well it will stand up to heavy wind is the fence posts. A quick look at the fencing posts can quickly reveal any rot or leaning that may be occurring. If this is the case, the fence posts may need to be replaced entirely so that the posts can stand strong and keep the fencing in good condition even during a storm.

Bring in a Fencing Specialist for Any Repairs

If you need to get any repairs done to your fencing, whether due to weak posts or broken planks throughout, it's best to rely on professionals for help. By getting a professional fence contractor to handle your fencing, you won't need to worry about the fence being taken care of improperly or the restoration project taking too long.

Professionals can also help guarantee that the fence is in good condition before moving on, allowing you the peace of mind that it will be in the best shape in the event of a hurricane. With an average repair cost between $264 and $700, you can get the work you need done without much of an impact to your finances.

Keep Nearby Landscaping Maintained

Another way to get your fencing prepared for a hurricane is cutting down nearby landscaping. Dense shrubs planted right along the fence can look nice, but it can also be a risk since the roots can weaken the structure of the fencing. Another concern are trees with weak limbs that can snap off and impact the fencing and cause potential instability.

Taking care of your fencing before hurricane season arrives will make a big difference in how sturdy it is and the kind of impact a hurricane will have on your fencing. With the above steps taken, your fence will stand much stronger and you won't need to be as concerned about its stability. 

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