Reasons To Use A Plumber To Clear That Drain

Posted on: 22 June 2016


When a drain starts running slowly or completely clogs up, it's tempting to grab a plunger and try to clear it up yourself. Not all clogs are the same. If you use too much force or the wrong tools, you can damage the plumbing or injure yourself. Here are some of the reasons why a plumber is your best resource the next time you have a stubborn blocked drain.

You're Dealing With a Hard Clog

You'll face two types of household clogs:

  • Soft clog - This is caused by hair and skin cells and often happens in the bathroom sink, bathtub and shower. These clogs can often just be pulled out of the drain, making them an easy DIY task.
  • Hard clog - Grease and other sticky materials build up in kitchen sinks until the drain is completely blocked. A toilet can become blocked when the wrong items end up in it when flushing. These clogs can often result in a call to a drain cleaning service.

You Want to Prevent Damage to the Plumbing

If you apply too much force when using a plunger to push a hard clog through a drain, you could force plumbing pipes apart at their connections. This will cause a mess and an expensive repair. Water jets that attach to a hose to force a block through can also break plumbing pipes.

If you improperly use a plumbing snake to try to break up a hard clog, you could force the snake through the side of a pipe. This can become a very expensive mistake if you puncture a drain pipe running underground outside of your house. Repairs may require digging up part of the yard to replace the broken drain pipe.

You Want to Prevent Harm to Yourself

If you try to use chemicals to clear the drain, you can hurt yourself. These toxic materials can splash onto your skin or into your eyes. Using chemicals is especially risky when pouring them through standing water. The chemical reaction when the chemical hits the water can cause it to bubble up and splash onto you.

Once you use a chemical in a drain, never try using a plunger on the drain again. You likely will splash dangerous chemicals onto you. Leave the chemicals to the plumber, who knows how to use them safely.

You can safely try to clear a bathroom drain of a soft clog. But when faced with a hard clog that resists your initial attempts with a plunger, call a drain cleaning service such as Plumb Care Plumbing. Don't risk damaging the plumbing or injuring yourself by not using the tools and chemicals properly.