3 Tips for Extending the Lifetime of the Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 6 July 2016


Having hardwood flooring in your kitchen can help give the space a sophisticated look as compared to a floor made of tile or laminate, but hardwood flooring does require special care in order to stay in good condition in the years after the installation. If you're concerned about your hardwood flooring getting damaged by simple wear and tear, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to extend the lifetime of the hardwood floors. With just a few tips, you can make sure that your flooring continues to look great and that you're not putting any unnecessary wear on the hardwood.

Make Sure the Furniture and Appliances Have Floor Protectors

If you're unsure of where to start when trying to protect the hardwood flooring in your kitchen, you should take a look at your furniture and other appliances. Letting heavy items rest on the hardwood flooring without padding underneath can lead to the flooring getting scratched due to the abrasiveness of the items. Felt pads can be applied to the bottom of your furniture legs, and appliances can have mats underneath to prevent cracks and other scratches from being made on the hardwood.

Clean Up Any Spills As Soon As They Occur

In order for your hardwood flooring to stay consistently of the same color and finish, you need to make sure that any water or other liquids that are spilled can get cleaned up right away. Water damage is a real concern in the kitchen, and this makes it important that you take care of spills without delay. An easy way to do so is by simply keeping some paper towels in the kitchen, along with an extensive cleaning kit that includes cleaning solution and sponges that are safe to use on hardwood underneath the sink.

Keep Shoes and Abrasive Materials out of the Kitchen

While protecting your flooring from furniture and the appliances is important, you'll also need to consider other forms of abrasive materials that can damage the flooring. One example is your shoes on the hardwood. Your shoes can bring in rocks and other grime, leading to the hardwood flooring quickly getting dirty with how much you're moving around in the kitchen while cooking. Other abrasive materials to watch out for include the nails on your pets and even hard bristle brooms.

Learning about how you can extend the lifetime of your hardwood flooring has a lot to do with avoiding things that can cause unnecessary wear and tear; follow these tips to decrease damage to your hardwood flooring. For more information on caring for hardwood floors, consult a company such as Ambrose Randa Hardwoods.