How To Prep Your Hardwood To Be Refinished

Posted on: 9 August 2016


Do you have an old hardwood floor that needs to be restored? Luckily, with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, refinishing hardwood floors is a manageable DIY project. This article explains the best tools and techniques to use when prepping your residential hardwood floor to be refinished. That should help you decide whether it is a project that you can do on your own, or if it is something that you should leave to the professionals.

Removing Everything From the Room

One of the biggest inconveniences of refinishing hardwood, is the fact that you need to remove everything from the room. This can become a bit of a logistical headache if your entire floor is made out of hardwood. You may need to move stuff outside or into the garage while you're working on your floor for several days. You should definitely move everything out of the room. Don't try to just move things to one side of the room you are working on. The sanding process will kick up a lot of sawdust, so anything that you leave in the rooms will likely get sawdust all over it; thus, it is simpler to just remove the furniture completely.

Masking Off Your Baseboard

Next, you need to thoroughly mask off your baseboard. You need to sand it all the way into the corner of the floor, and you are bound to hit your baseboard with the edge of your sander. This can scratch the wood if it is not sufficiently covered. In most cases, just taping off your baseboard with painter's tape will not give you enough protection. Instead, you should cover the baseboard with strips of cardboard or thick construction paper.

Using a Disc Sander

If you want to sand your floor in a timely manner, you need to use a disc sander instead of a vibrating sander. A disc sander will help remove more of the existing stain in a timely manner. Furthermore, you want to use two types of sandpaper. First, start off with medium grit sandpaper that will help her move the majority of the stain. Then, step up to extra fine grit sandpaper that will create a smoother surface, and make your wood stainable. Also, you should invest in comfortable kneepads to wear while you are doing the sanding.

In the end, once all the prep work is done, the actual staining will go by quickly. For assistance, talk to a professional like New York Hardwood Floors.