2 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Sink's Drain Working Right

Posted on: 19 September 2016


Your kitchen sink sees a lot of action throughout the course of the day. In addition to serving as a station where you can wash your hands, the kitchen sink also plays a vital role in meal preparations. A clogged or faulty drain in your kitchen sink can turn into a serious inconvenience, so you should make drain maintenance a priority if you want to keep your kitchen sink's drain working right.

Here are two simple tips that you can use to better maintain your kitchen sink's drain in the future.

1. Use ice cubes to condition your garbage disposal.

Many kitchen sinks come equipped with garbage disposals that help make them even more convenient. Unfortunately, a faulty garbage disposal can contribute to poor drain performance. In order to ensure that your garbage disposal has the ability to cut through food items you place down your sink's drain, you should be conditioning the blades on a regular basis.

One simple way to condition your garbage disposal is by sharpening the blades with some ice cubes. As the blades work to cut through the ice, the jagged edges of the ice cubes will buff and sharpen the surface of the blades. Putting several ice cubes down your garbage disposal on a regular basis helps to keep your kitchen sink's drain working properly.

2. Cut through sticky residue with lemon essential oil.

Keeping a bottle of lemon essential oil next to your kitchen sink can provide you with many benefits. Your kitchen sink's drain can benefit from the residue-removal properties of this oil.

As food and beverage items find their way into your sink's drain, a sticky residue can begin to build up along the interior of your pipes. This residue makes it difficult for water to pass cleanly through your kitchen sink's drain over time, so removing it with lemon essential oil can improve the performance of your drain. Just fill your sink with hot water, add a few drops of lemon essential oil, then allow the water to drain through your pipes slowly to maximize the residue-removal benefits.

Finding ways to keep your kitchen sink's drain working right doesn't have to be difficult. Taking the time to pass some ice cubes through your garbage disposal on a regular basis and using lemon essential oil to keep the interior of your drain pipes clean will help improve the performance of your kitchen sink's drain in the future.