3 Kitchen-Renovation Projects Worth the Money

Posted on: 26 October 2016


If you're planning on selling your home soon, it's important to know which projects are worth the time and expense. There are certain remodel projects that yield the most return on investment. According to US News, a kitchen renovation can return a 66 percent ROI while a dated kitchen can significantly lower your house's resell value. Make over your kitchen so its most attractive to buyers.

Natural Wood Cabinets

Buyers want to see a beautiful blank canvas for their personal decorating style. All-wood cabinets are a classic in the kitchen because they go with any décor style. What's more, wooden cabinets look cohesive in any home style, from ultra-modern to historical. Natural, unpainted wood is the most adaptable method for adding cabinetry because the new homeowners can stain or paint them to their taste. As you're considering your natural wood cabinets, make sure you include lots of storage space. However, don't add a lot of personalization in the inserts—potential home buyers may not see themselves needing lots of cubbies or shallow drawers for their cooking needs.

Hardwood or Tile Floors

In that same vein, your flooring should also serve as a luxurious blank canvas for potential home buyers. According to Bankrate, you should refinish or install all-new hardwood floors in the whole house, including the kitchen. For natural wood, oak is always popular, though it's also possible to install engineered wood.

In the kitchen, though, hardwood flooring takes special care to avoid warping and scratching from all the kitchen activities. You may prefer to install tile floors instead, as they're more durable—and a discerning home cook will notice that. Nonetheless, either hardwood or tile flooring in the kitchen is an investment that home buyers will find attractive.

Granite Countertops

When it comes to countertop materials, granite is the most sought after. Granite has become synonymous with luxurious kitchens. Granite is a beautiful, low-maintenance material for countertops. What's more, granite comes in almost infinite color and pattern variations that can be further customized with finishes and edging.

That said, you want to keep it classic when renovating your kitchen for selling. Don't look at the brighter colors or more elaborate finishes. Shades of brown granite with subtle veining or patterning probably provide the most neutral foundation. The finish should be gloss or high-gloss. An eased edging looks attractive in any style of kitchen.

As you plan your kitchen renovation, don't forget to pay attention to basic home maintenance as well. Ensuring that everything in your kitchen and beyond is in good functioning order gives the maximum return on investment.

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