FAQ About Household Drains

Posted on: 16 November 2016


Do you constantly have to pull debris out of the drains in your house so water can flow through? If the drains sometimes become clogged up with no debris being sent into them, it is possible that there is a problem deep within the plumbing pipes. The wisest thing to do before the minor problem becomes severe is to get your drains thoroughly cleaned by a professional. This article covers questions that you might have in mind about drains and getting them professionally cleaned.

What Causes Drains to Become Clogged Up?

There are many things that can lead to drains becoming clogged up. If your kitchen sink is the problem, food grease is a common reason for clogs. Even pouring small amounts of grease down drains is a problem, as it can accumulate without your knowledge. The grease basically gets stuck to plumbing pipes and makes it difficult for food crumbs and water to flow through. Hair is one of the most common reasons why bathroom drains become clogged up, so it is wise to not shave in the shower or over a sink.

Why Are Clogs Bad For Drains?

A clog does not only interfere with how well water is able to move through the plumbing system, but they are detrimental to the pipes. For instance, some of the food products that get stuck inside of drains contain acid. If acid continuously makes contact with the metal, eventually the pipes will begin to deteriorate. You will then end up with water leaking inside of walls and cabinets, such as from the acid creating holes the pipes.

Are Household Drain Products Good for Removing Clogs?

Household drain products are a good method for getting rid of clogs. However, the products might not be powerful enough to remove debris to the fullest extent. You must also keep in mind that using household drain cleaning products on a regular basis might be detrimental to your plumbing system. For example, many of the products contain chemicals that can eat into metal plumbing pipes.

How Can a Professional Thoroughly Clean Out Drains?

A commercial snake can be sent inside of your drains to breakup any debris that is stuck to the pipes. Commercial snakes are also able to break through large clogs of grease and hair, which might not be doable with a regular snake. Professionals are also able to use jetting equipment in the drains to remove large amounts of debris. Speak to a contractor about your drain cleaning needs.