Added A New Patio? 2 Ways To Make It Look Even Better

Posted on: 9 February 2017


If you have added a new patio to your home, it can be very useful for you and your family, as well as beautiful. If you have not done anything to it yet, there are many ways you can make it look even better. Below are two of these ways to help you get started.

Add an Awning

If your patio is close to your home, you can attach an awning to your home that covers your entire patio. This will protect you and your family from the dangerous sun's rays. It also provides protection when it rains. You should consider a retractable awning that you can open or pull back by pressing a button or there may be a remote. Some retractable awnings have a hand crank.

There are many different types of materials that you can choose from including:

  • Polyester: Can withstand weathering, and is breathable. Maintenance is very easy as you only have to wipe it down.
  • Cotton: Strong and durable, as well as resistant to water. You can machine wash the fabric.
  • Laminated or vinyl coated: Resistant to water and fire, but it is prone to fading over time.
  • Acrylic: Does not fade quickly but it is not water or fire resistant.

Contact a company that sells awnings to look at the different options to help you decide what you like the best. They can then install the awning for you.

Dress it Up

Add comfortable furniture to your patio, making sure there are colorful chair pillows. Consider adding one or more benches if you have a large patio to provide more seating if you have a lot of people visiting. Put some fragrant flowers on the table during the growing season, or you can choose artificial flowers if you do not want to worry about taking care of them. If you choose to do this, use more than one container size and group them together. Make sure the containers themselves are very colorful. If the floor looks bare, you can add colorful rugs that are made for outdoors.

Consider placing a self-contained fountain close to the patio to add even more style. These are easy to install and not as expensive as large fountains. You could even make your own fountain to save money.

You and your family will likely use your patio much more if you follow these tips as it will be comfortable and beautiful.