Blasting for a Foundation

Posted on: 15 February 2017


Sometimes, the best place to build your home is going to be a hard place to access. You may have looked around for a home for a long time, and then just decided to build your own. In some instances, the plot that you purchased to build your home will need to be excavated. This can mean a couple of different things when looking at putting a house on your land. The plot might need to be built up, or it may need to be dug down into. Either way, you are going to need a skilled contractor to help get your property ready for your home. Here are three things to remember when a blasting contractor is needed. 

You'll Need a Team of Experts

When you start looking at putting your home in an area that needs to be excavated, it can often require a group of experts. This is especially true if you are putting your home up on a hill or in the mountains. A contractor will need to meet with a geologist and engineer to make the best plan of action on how to excavate the area. The geologist will give insight on the rock itself and the ground, while the engineer will analyze the best methods to use. A skilled contractor will then excavate your plot. 

You'll Need the Right Blasting Methods

If the plot is mostly rock, there is a good chance that the contractor will use a blasting method to excavate your plot. The contractor will use a large drill to open up the rock and plant explosives within it. When the explosives detonate, they will effectively excavate the rock. This can be a very technical process that requires a great deal of skill. The holes that are being drilled need to be in a very specific arrangement, and just the right amount of explosives needs to be planted. 

You'll Need a Solid Foundation

When the plot has been excavated, the foundation will be the first thing that is poured. The great news is that you now have a fantastic base for your foundation to go on. The contractor, geologist, and engineer will ensure that the new rock is a valid place for your foundation to go. This is a critical step because, if the foundation starts to move, then the entire house will start to crack and fall apart. If the newly formed location is a good place for a foundation, then the home building can proceed.