3 Keys For Sewer Pump Installation And Maintenance

Posted on: 23 August 2017


When you need for your sewer pump to serve you well, it's critical that you do all you can to make an upgrade when it's time. Having an old or outdated sewer pump will leave your system vulnerable and can lead to some very expensive repairs. You'll need to learn how to buy a great new sewer pump system from a professional, while also learning some ways to maintain the pump for years. To this end, read on and use these tips to get all you can from your new sewer pump purchase. 

#1: Find the right sewer pump system for your home

If you are want nothing but the best plumbing and sewage performance, be sure to start by finding the pump that is best for your household. For instance, some types of pumps that you can buy include grinder pumps, gravity systems, pressure systems, and traditional sump pumps. You will need to shop based on specifications like horsepower. Sewage systems range between 1 HP and 15 HP. By getting a sewage professional to inspect your home, they'll give you some suggestions on both the type of sewer pump you need and the specifications that will work best for your property. 

#2: Shop for the installation work that you need

Be sure that you touch base with professionals who will get the job done correctly, while also giving you an affordable price. You should ask them up front about labor rates, in addition to the cost of the equipment. Costs of installing a sewer pump can vary -- as they range between $661 and $1,719. You should buy a warranty to go with your sewer pump installation so that you know it's covered by a repair professional that can tweak it or replace it whenever necessary. 

#3: Do your best to take care of your sewer pump

Finally, give sewer pump maintenance your best shot so that your system always works at high levels. For instance, thoroughly clean out the inlet screen quarterly and get an annual inspection. Bring a sewer pump contractor in to look into everything from the power cords to the bearings. Make sure to use quality oil to keep the system lubricated so that your sewer pump is always serving you as it should. 

Follow the tips in this piece in order to install a brand new sewer pump. Hire a contractor, such as one from Forrest Sewer Pump Service, that can help you maintain it as well.