Winterizing Your Roof

Posted on: 18 October 2017


Winter brings darker days, cooler temperature, holidays and thicker clothing. With everything to deal with, home emergencies can be terrible inconvenience at best and costly, uncomfortable occurrences at worst. Roof problems can be particularly irksome and unwelcome, so use these winters tips before it cools down too much.

Do Minor Troubleshooting

Spend some time looking over the entire surface of the roof so that problems can be adequately handled now instead of waiting for later on. Loose shingles, rusted flashing, small holes and other minor issues shouldn't be ignored during this time. If you wait, they could be more serious.

Of particular import is your attention to the vinyl gutters. Blockages there could mean water freezes; that prevents any efficient drainage and could cause real damage to shingles, wood and the entire structure. Clear them regularly and keep them clear during winter.

Check Trusses

You can't always see the wood trusses which support the roof, but their integrity is vital to your roof's stability. Any warping or similar damage can mean that your roof isn't very able to withstand great amounts of snow or ice on its surface. Therefore, having a professional inspect trusses and give you an idea of their condition is wise.

Evaluate Insulation

If you're unsure whether the roof is insulated properly, chances are it's not. If you're not familiar with the last time insulation was added to the structure, it's probably time to look for ways to better insulate the roof against the winds of winter.

Consider Heat Cables

Snow buildup can mean serious pressure for a roof; if the roof isn't brand new, that could be somewhat dangerous depending on how aged the roof is. Heat cables that are able to warm up quickly will prevent precipitation from building up much. Snow or ice is more manageable with mounted roof cables.

Purchase Snow Rakes

Even if you aren't planning to get cables, you can still control buildup somewhat with snow rakes. Like yard rakes, they'll require you or a professional to get to the roof and rake awake trouble before the weight becomes too much for your roof.

The winter-related solutions here should provide enough help for the roof that it lasts another season. If you're still uncertain whether the roof is in good enough condition for another winter, consult local roofing contractors, such as at Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc. Their insight is valuable and will protect your roof for the coming days