Should You Use Scaffolding Or Ladders?

Posted on: 20 November 2017


You have probably seen large commercial painting or remodels being handled with scaffolding systems. A scaffolding system allows workers to get up close and personal with the walls they are working on. It is great for painters and anybody that is working on walls above the first story of a building. Most scaffolding systems are set up by professionals. It may take some time for the scaffolding to be set up, but once it is done, it allows the workers to finish the job much more quickly. It also allows them to devote more attention to the details. That is, your body won't get as tired since you won't be balancing on top of the latter, allowing you to make the work less demanding.

When it comes to your particular paint job, you need to decide whether or not scaffolding is a worthwhile time investment. That is, if you spend at least one full day setting at the scaffolding system, a job might take longer than if you just painted using ladders. However, this usually isn't the case, and scaffolding will almost always speed up your paint job.

DIY Scaffolding Systems

You have two options when it comes to installing scaffolding. First of all, you can rent a DIY system that you set up yourself. These are usually smaller but plenty big for two story homes. It might take several workers and a couple of days to set up a DIY scaffolding system for a large building.

Professional Set Up

The other option is to just have professionals install your scaffolding. This is usually the way to go, especially if you want to have the scaffolding installed around the entire perimeter of your exterior walls at once. Then, you can just climb up the scaffolding and paint your building much more quickly. This is especially smart if you need to repaint or re-texture your window and door fixtures in the process. Scaffolding will allow you to do the fine detail work more comfortable. Workers love using scaffolding systems because it allows them to have all their supplies nearby. That is, they don't need to have heavy tool belts, or balance their paint from the top of a ladder.

As you can see, scaffolding might not be necessary for all jobs. However, if you are painting a moderately sized two-story building, it is something you should consider, whether you have it installed by professionals, or rent a system that you self-install.