Use Colored Gravel To Accent Flowerbeds Bordering A Sidewalk

Posted on: 19 March 2018


Accent the flowerbeds that border the sidewalk in front of your business by adding layers of colored gravel around them. Gravel pieces can be used to create a pattern or you can use specific colors of gravel to enhance specific plant varieties to provide the flowerbeds with an eye-catching appearance.


  • weed puller
  • rake
  • measuring tape
  • aluminum edging
  • aluminum stakes
  • power saw (with carbide blade)
  • water hose
  • nozzle
  • gravel
  • wheelbarrow
  • shovel

Remove Weeds And Install Edging

Use a weed pulling tool to remove weeds that are growing in each flowerbed. Level the dirt in the flowerbeds by raking it and add shovelfuls of topsoil to any depressions in the beds. Determine how you would like to set up each bed. Aluminum edging can be used to outline portions of each bed. You can also use edging to outline the entire perimeter of each bed.

Take measurements before purchasing edging. Line the edging up and use the metal stakes that came with it to attach edging pieces with one another. Press the bottom of each edging piece firmly into the ground. Bend portions of the edging if you would like to add borders that are angled.

If you wish to trim some of the edging pieces, use a power saw that has a carbide blade. Carbide is a hard material and a blade that is constructed of carbide is typically used to cut through metal. 

Add Colored Gravel Pieces To Each Section

Choose a color scheme that you would like to add to each flowerbed. For example, if you use the aluminum edging to divide each flowerbed into several sections, pick two or more colors of gravel that will complement the colors of the plants and flowers that are growing in the beds.

If you wish to add a pattern to the flowerbeds, you can alternate colors that are added so that complementary colors are placed next to each other in adjoining sections. Order gravel pieces from a landscaping business. Request that the gravel is delivered to your residence. Otherwise, use a truck or trailer to transport the gravel pieces to your home.

Use a water hose that has a nozzle on the end of it to add water to each flowerbed. Fill a wheelbarrow with a specific color of gravel. Use a shovel to transfer the gravel pieces to one or more of the divided sections in each flowerbed. Add the remaining gravel pieces that are different colors to the rest of the sections. Use the back of a shovel to spread out the pieces if too much gravel is applied to some parts of each flowerbed.