Reasons You Need To Replace Your Attic's Insulation

Posted on: 24 October 2018


If you rarely go up into your attic, you may not really think about the condition of its insulation. However, if you have recently gone through either of the two below situations, they serve as reasons to consider what has happened to your attic's insulation and start thinking about having it replaced.

Attic Was Recently Infested with Vermin

If you recently had to hire a pest control service to clear vermin out of your attic, it is highly likely that the condition of your insulation has been compromised. When mice, rats, or even squirrels have been living in your attic, they probably made their way inside the walls where they could stay safe and warm, as well as find an ideal location for their nests.

When vermin invade your attic's walls, they tear through the insulation, creating holes and rips that allow air to flow through. Also, if they stayed in your walls without exiting, there is a good chance that there are pockets within the insulation that are filled with urine and feces.

This excrement not only breaks down the fibers of the insulation, but it also creates a health hazard for your family. Not only could it contain germs that can spread throughout your house, but the vermins' waste products can also contribute to mold growth inside your walls.

And, even if the pest control service got rid of all of the adult vermin, there could still be babies that stayed hidden inside the insulation. If this happened, they may either die within your walls or grow to adulthood, causing a reinfestation of your attic.

Roof Was Repaired after Leaking

Another reason you should consider replacing your attic's insulation is when you have had a recent leak from your roof that required repairs. Even though the roof may no longer leak, the moisture that entered into the spaces in your walls has already caused irreparable damage to your insulation.

Since insulation is meant to remain dry, any excess moisture will cause it to bunch up and leave gaps inside your walls that allow air to pass through. Also, the moisture causes rapid deterioration of the fibers.

And, since the interiors of your walls are enclosed spaces, they do not dry out quickly. This constant moisture can lead to rotting of your home's wooden structures, as well as contribute to mold growth.

If you have gone through or are experiencing either of the above, your attic's insulation is likely compromised and needs replacing. Contact an insulation contractor to have them inspect your attic's insulation and discuss your options for replacing it.