Why You Should Install A Battery Backup Pump

Posted on: 4 December 2018


Sump pumps can be very effective at keeping your basement dry during flooding rains. But for the sump pump to do its job, you must make sure that it is connected to a power supply. During power outages, the battery backup ensures that your sump pump can last for awhile.

How Sump Pump Batteries Work

Power outages are the most common reason for a sump pump to fail, not an issue with the pump itself. A lightning strike might also cut off power to the sump pump. The sump pump battery backup system consists of the battery, a battery-powered pump, a charger and piping.

There are usually different batteries you can choose from of varying prices. The best battery backup system is often three times as expensive as the basic system. The best backup systems come with a larger battery, which allows for the battery to support your sump pump system for a longer period. Also, the best battery backup systems come with a better charger that will cause your sump pump battery to last longer. 

Pump Battery Life

However long your sump pump battery is able to keep your battery running depends on how much water is entering your sump basket. If you have serious water issues, you may need to use a charger that can support two batteries. 

Battery Options

If you are looking to save money, only buy a less expensive battery backup system if you only experience power outages infrequently and if you only experience a trickle of water in your basement. However, it may still be worth the peace-of-mind since a large flood in your basement can be much more expensive. 

Two options for battery backup pumps are DC and AC/DC. With AC/DC, while the power is on, the pump will run on AC. Once the power is out, the pump will switch to DC.The units that rely on DC will only operate off of battery power. the problem with this option is that it can wear out the battery and it may not have enough juice for a power outage.

Battery Tips

One of the great aspects of a battery backup system is how simple the installation is. Battery backup systems will continue to function even when there is no water supply. However, you must make sure to check the water levels every couple of months and you must clean the battery terminals every two years. Make sure to replace the battery every five years. 

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