Common Hardwood Flooring Problems

Posted on: 19 August 2019


Despite the fact that hardwood is one of the most common materials for residential floors, homeowners frequently fail to effectively care for hardwood floors. This can result in the floors being damaged or suffering other deterioration.

What Can Be Done For Slight Scratches To The Surface Of The Hardwood Floors?

Shallow scratches to the surface of the floors is a routine type of wear that hardwood floors will likely experience. Whether this is from the claws of your pets, your shoes, or debris on the floor rubbing against the wood, it can often be possible to repair these issues with wood fillers. These fillers can smooth out these scratches so that they will not be as obvious. When the scratches are more severe, it may be necessary to completely refinish the floors so that the damaged layer of the wood can be removed. Placing rugs in areas that are the most prone to developing these damages can be the most effective way of preventing the floors from experiencing these unsightly damages.

Can Black Spots From Water Damage Be Removed?

Water damage is another common issue for hardwood floors. When water damage occurs, it can cause the floors to completely rot, and it may also contribute to large black spots forming on the surface of the floors. Sadly, it is not possible to remove these black spots from the floor through cleaning or other simple methods. Rather, resurfacing is required, as these black spots will likely extend rather deep into the wood, and this will make resurfacing the only way to remove these discolorations.

Why Are The Floorboards Becoming Uneven Or Experiencing Buckling?

Buckling or otherwise uneven floors can be a problem that might develop with your floors. This will often be the result of the floors developing a moisture problem. As the wood absorbs moisture from the air or other sources, it can swell. This will result in the planks of the wood flooring no longer fitting together correctly. While replacing the damaged parts of the floor will allow you to correct this problem, it is likely to return if the underlying moisture problem is not corrected. Identifying the source of this moisture damage can be challenging, but it will often be the result of a poorly ventilated crawlspace or leaking pipes. A flooring professional can inspect the wood for other damages or clues as to the cause of the problem so the appropriate repairs can be made.

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