Reasons To Have Well Water Tested

Posted on: 27 May 2020


You should make it a point of having your well water checked once a year, normally at some point in the spring. You want to have it tested to make sure that you don't have any problems with things like dangerous bacteria or other contaminants in the water that can be bad for your health. Aside from testing the well water once a year, there may be other things that can indicate it would be a good time to test it. Or, if you haven't been the best at keeping up with the annual testing, then there are times when you want to make sure you follow through and here are some times when well water testing should be tended to:

You learn of well water problems in your area

As soon as you hear that other people are having issues with their water, then you should also make sure that you have your well water tested as well. When people who live near you are having contaminants or other toxins in their water, there is a good chance that it will also be in your water. This is due to those things getting into the wells via the groundwater and what is in the groundwater in a nearby location will easily travel throughout the entire area. 

You have had an issue occur near the well

If you have had something happen near the well, such as something like flooding or problems with the land, then it is important for you to make sure that you have the well water tested. When things happen near the well, it can cause contaminants to end up in the well water. As soon as you learn of a possible disturbance near the well, you'll want to have the water tested and it's even best if you refrain from using the well water until you have the results telling you that the water is still safe. 

You've had an issue with the well

If you have recently had an issue with the well, then you are going to want to make sure that those issues didn't cause something to get into the well water that can end up harming you when you consume it. Water well testing should therefore be done at this point. 

Your water looks or smells odd

If you notice there is a smell to the water or it doesn't look right, then this would be another reason why you would want to go ahead and have the well water tested to make sure the water is safe.